Ice Cream

Mango Ice cream in bowl with garnishing, Mango Ice cream.

Mango Ice cream recipe

Mango Ice cream   Mango Ice Cream is deliciously creamy and can be made with or without an ice cream maker with fresh mango and whipped cream. This homemade healthy ice cream is better for you than any store-bought ice cream which is loaded with a long list of chemicals and additives. this homemade recipe […]

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Matka malai kulfi in earthen pots, Matka Malai Kulfi.


Matka Malai Kulfi    Kulfi or malai kulfi is traditional Indian ice cream, but denser and creamier. It is usually made by using fresh cream for quick preparation or boiling milk over low heat for a long period until it reduced considerably in volume, as a traditional method. Then freeze the mixture in small earthen

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