April 2021

Watermelon Juice with garnishing in glasses, Watermelon juices.

Watermelon Juice

Healthy Watermelon Juice recipe   As summer arrives, people look for a variety of tips to keep themselves hydrated and refreshed. Some people drink drinks full of nutrients, while some people resort to cold drinks etc. to refresh themselves. But we have the best and best nutritious drink available to deal with the summer, drinking

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Sheer khurma in bowl, Sheer khurma recipe.

Sheer khurma

 Sheer khurma | Seviyan kheer | Vermicelli recipe   Sheer khurma or sheer khorma is a Persian word for milk and dates. It is a festival vermicelli (Seviyan) pudding prepared by Muslims on Eid ul-Fitr (Ramadan) and Eid al-Adha (Bakrid). It is a traditional Muslim festive breakfast and a dessert for celebrations. This dish is

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Matka malai kulfi in earthen pots, Matka Malai Kulfi.


Matka Malai Kulfi    Kulfi or malai kulfi is traditional Indian ice cream, but denser and creamier. It is usually made by using fresh cream for quick preparation or boiling milk over low heat for a long period until it reduced considerably in volume, as a traditional method. Then freeze the mixture in small earthen

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Choco dessert with Kitkat, Choco dessert.

Choco Dessert

  Kellogg’s Chocos Dessert   Today we are going to make Kellogg’s chocos cornflakes dessert recipe for kids. It is a very easy, yummy, and healthy recipe, especially for kids. An elder can also have it. Every mother faces every day new challenges that what should I give new to my child that’s healthy and

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