Jowar paratha thumbnail, Jowar paratha | Healthy Jowar recipe for weight loss.

Jowar paratha | Healthy Jowar recipe for weight loss

Jowar/Sorghum flour chilla | Jowar pancake recipe, Breakfast and Tiffin recipe   Jowar-Sorghum Paratha:   Nowadays people have become more health-conscious. But in daily life we don’t find much time to try some traditional recipes, we always try easy and quick recipes. Today I am going to introduce a new recipe which can be prepared quickly, …

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Bhurji pav in plate, Bhurji pav recipe.

Bhurji Pav

Bhurji Pav | Anda bhurji recipe   Bhurji pav is one of the famous street food of India. It is a Hindi word Bhurji means scrambled egg. And pav is soft bread. Basically, in a street style Bhurji pav, Bhurji made with eggs combined and Cook with onion, tomato, capsicum and serve with pav. But …

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Chilli cheese toast with tomato ketchup, Chilli cheese toast.

Chilli Cheese Toast

Chilli cheese toast recipe   Cheese Chilli Toast is a very tasty dish for breakfast. This is an Italian recipe, you can make and eat it at breakfast or evening tea anytime. Many types of sandwiches and toasts are made from bread. And one of these things is Chilli Toast. People who eat spicy like …

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Garlic bread pieces in plate, Garlic bread recipe.

Garlic Bread | potato stuffed garlic bread recipe

Garlic Bread |Cheesy Garlic bread recipe   Garlic Bread, garlic bread recipe, potato stuffed garlic bread recipe, garlic bread toast, garlic bread with cheese, garlic bread at home, cheesy garlic bread, garlic bread easy recipe, Garlic bread recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. It is a homemade creamy, butter and cheese garlic flavoured bread …

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Chessy egg sandwich, Egg sandwich recipe.

Egg sandwich recipe

Egg sandwich | Cheese omelette   Looking for an easy egg sandwich recipe? Make this healthy egg sandwich recipe for breakfast and enjoy! This egg sandwich recipe is a godsend for those who are always clueless about what to make for breakfast. This filling and healthy egg sandwich recipe are perfect for those days when …

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