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White sauce macaroni pasta in bowl, White sauce macaroni pasta recipe.

White sauce pasta

  White Sauce Pasta Recipe  Basically, Pasta is Italian food and is widely adopted by Indians. This kids-friendly delicious macaroni pasta is an extremely easy recipe. Pasta is made from durum (pasta wheat or macaroni wheat) wheat flour mixed with eggs or water. It is rich in protein and complex carbohydrates, low in fat, and

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Cucumber pancake in plate, Cucumber pancake recipe.

Cucumber pancake

 Cucumber pancake / Cucumber fritters  / काकडी थालीपीठ  Cucumber pancake or fritter is a popular veg recipe in Maharashtra. The dough is made from the flour of wheat, rice, and bajra. Onion, fresh coriander and, other vegetables and spices are added. Cucumber pancake is also known as ‘kakdi thalipeeth’.  Thalipeeth/pancakes are of various types. Today

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Apple rabdi with apple slice garnishing, Apple rabdi recipe.

Apple Rabdi Recipe

Apple Kheer (rabdi)   Apple Rabdi, Apple Kheer, or Apple basundi is an excellent variation to the regular rabdi made by thickening the full cream milk and apple giving it a nice crunch. People conscious of sugar can use the substitutes, this dessert is destined to please everyone. This easy dessert can be made quickly

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